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Dr. Jamal Toler Winning Strategy on West Point 9/29/11

dr-tolerI pre-fished West Point twice before our tournament. I found bait fish everywhere. Where there are baitfish there are bass. I caught fish on points, humps, and blow downs. The type of structure wasn’t as important as the presence of baitfish. I would scan the area with my hummingbird side imaging for baitfish and bass. I could actually see the balls of baitfish and count the number of bass in a school following the baitfish. I would only fish areas that had some type of structure to concentrate the fish.
The first area was a hump that had a small deep pocket in the middle of it; the bass would corral the baitfish there to feed. The second area was an exposed fish attracter. The bass chased the baitfish up and down the point. Each time the pod passed the fish attractor they would hang up there and I would be able to catch them. The last area was a cove full of bait with blow downs. I caught my biggest fish, on a blow down in that cove. The majority of my fish were caught on a small spinnerbait; it was white with three small willow leaf blades. I had to down-size the spinnerbait to match the baitfish. I have a rod dedicated to spinnerbait fishing.
The rod is a KB Custom spinnerbait rod with wrap around guides, a 5.3 to 1 Shimano Curado reel, spooled with 15# fluorocarbon coated P-Line. The big fish came on a chartreuse pumpkin worm on a spot-remover jig head.
Dr. Jamal Toler
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