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On Day One, We followed our game plan.  We bundled up and made our track to Brown Creek and entire ride was cold.  Our first five spots produce a couple of bites, but no takers. So Mr. Champion and I went back to classic junk fishing.  We slowed down to almost dead sticking.  We fished grass, grass, grass, and more grass.  We even fished grass standing out of the water and submerged grass from one to eight feet below the water surface.  As we made our track back to Spring Creek, I landed one almost 3 lbs.  This particular fish was caught the same way I caught them in practice, I had to remove the trailer hook (due to too much grass) while I slowly retrieved the Spinner Bait allowing it make contact with the top of the vegetation.  Before we knew it, it was check in time and neither of us had a limit, not even together.  Man, we needed Paul Elias and the A-Rig.  After the weigh-in, I was a little over 9.5 lbs out of the lead.  It was not looking good and we both were hoping to just place.

On Day Two, Mr. Champion and I both looked at each other and agreed to abandon our game plan and fish water that suited our style.  We were just going to go fishing in areas that resembled other bodies of water were we had been successful.  Besides, there was just too much grass for us to become proficient with and too little time.  However, we did not forget, just like in practice, and on Day One, we had to find the bait fish first. 

During launch, we had moderate visibility due to fog, but when we crossed under the first bridge, we had very little visibility.  Again, Mr. Champion and I both looked at each other decided to come off plane and go to the nearest bank and fish there until the fog lifted.  For the next hour, we managed a couple of bites, but no keeps.  Within the first two hours, the fog was lifting and the sun was beginning to shine, I had no fish and I felt I needed to changed things up; besides while conversing with fellow Rodbenders the night before, I learned that two Rodbenders were using a different color combination Spinner Bait, had been in some of the same areas that Mr. Champion had fished on Day One, and brought fish to the scales.  I changed my Spinner Bait to a 3/8 ounce chartreuse and white Pro Assassinator Spinner Bait that had a gold Colorado and a Silver Willow blade dipped in clear JJ’s Magic.  Again, I chose not to use a trailer hook because of the grass fouling the trailer hook.  I normally use a trailer hook, but because we could not escape the grass, I did not use one as we began to fish the back of a cove in Spring Creek.  I got a strike approximately 5 feet from the boat; man I wished I would have had that trailer hook.  I followed Mr. Champion who was throwing a KVD 1.5 chartreuse black back with my Spinner Bait.  As we move along this cove heading to the back of it, we noticed shad were everywhere, all around us and we also saw what appeared to be large Gizzard Shad popping out of the water in the very back of the cove, but no bass were busting out of the water.  When we made it to the back of this cove, we were in between 5 and 8 feet of water and stayed about 30 feet from this area.  I do not think Mr. Champion noticed the dark stretch of water that was parallel to the bank and stretch for approximately 15 feet and approximately 7 feet wide.  After Mr. Champion cast his Crank bait and was moving on, I cast my Spinner Bait almost up onto the bank and slowly began to retrieve it.  As soon as my Spinner Bait entered the dark colored water, it stopped immediately, it was game time.  Mr. Champion, get the net.  This was 4 plus pounds and in the live well.  I immediately cast back to the same area, and the same thing happen again, it stopped.  Mr. Champion, get the net, another 4 plus pounder.  This time Mr. Champion put down his crank bait and began to throw a Spinner Bait Similar to mind.  I cast again to the same spot, almost up on the bank, and this time when the Spinner Bait reached the dark water; wouldn’t you know it, it stop again, but this time when I set the hook, the fished jumped at least feet out of the water.  Three quality fish in three cast for a total weight of 14.5 lbs.  Guntersville was starting to show us why it is considered one of the best bass lakes in the world.  We let the area rest because we inadvertently allowed the boat to get too close to the magic dark water hole.  What we learned, there was actually a ditch like hole resembling a depression.  These large bass were inhaling the Gizzard Shad as they swam over, which is probably the reason the bass never busted out of the water.  The bass in this area had the perfect cover and concealment for their ambushed prey.  Mr. Champion and I were fishing our style of fishing.

Upon returning back to the magic dark hole, Mr. Champion landed two more bass from the same spot that weighed over 7 lbs.  Mr. Champion brought enough weight to the scales to finish in 7th place.  On Day Two, I brought 14.5 lbs to the scales for a total weight of 18.2 lbs which was enough to win the tournament.  Our little magic dark hole provided 5 fish that weighed over 21 lbs. 
















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